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Why us?

DOCTORS2GO is a unique portal for the medical services market in Ireland.

The portal is designed by a team of programmers, graphic designers and marketers so that it is user friendly for both physicians and general users or potential customers.

The Portal is co-created by users who can add Doctors to our database as well as doctors themselves who can sign up to our portal.

It's free!

The registration into the portal DOCTORS2GO, presence in search results, include your contact information is completely free! You can only win!

DOCTORS2GO is an excellent way to reach many new patients and to publicize your services!

DOCTORS2GO is a great alternative to your own website. Create a profile on our portal, perfectly fulfills the function of your internet business card.

DOCTORS2GO this opportunity to save time and money, thanks to us, patients can make an appointment with a Doctor via the portal, you do not have to answer the phone, or employ a person who will do it for you , just redirect your patients on your profile in DOCTORS2GO, where they will learn about the services offered by you and make an appointment!

DOCTORS2GO is a portal through which you can only win!

We invite you to use our services!


Why us?

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