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  • Doctors in Ireland

    There is around 16 000 doctors in Ireland, and among them there is around 2500 GPs. At least Medical Workforce Intelligence Report (MWIR) gives us above numbers.
  • Doctors2go on Facebook

    Doctors2go is also present on Facebook. Please visit our Fan Page and Like it! By liking our profile you will be updated with news from medical industry in Ireland, what's new on...
  • Example of complete doctor's profile

    Please check the doctor's test account containing all possible features which are offered by our portal. Many doctors who are contacting us want...
  • NEW Great Promotion for Doctors!

    To popularize our services among Doctors, we prepared new great promotion! From 31 April 2017 next 30 Doctors willing to use the premium package can have it for FREE for 6 months!
  • Doctors2go for Patients

    We are all Patients. Even if you are a Doctor you are still Patient. Sooner or later everyone needs medical attention. Basically Doctors2go.ie is created for the Patients. We...
  • Why us?

    DOCTORS2GO is a unique portal for the medical services market in Ireland. The portalis designed by a team of programmers, graphic designers and marketers so that it is user friendly...
  • Bundles in Doctors2go.ie

    The service offers two packages of  Standard and Premium. Both packages include profile editing, e-mail notifications about new reviews on...
  • Current promotions

    When you sign up as a doctor, you get a month TRIAL package that has all the capabilities which the premium package. So you can check out for free how our portal works. Also, any...

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