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Doctors in Ireland

There is around 16 000 doctors in Ireland, and among them there is around 2500 GPs.
At least Medical Workforce Intelligence Report (MWIR) gives us above numbers.
Is it a lot or to little doctors in Ireland? Statistically we can count it very easy: around 4,5 milion of people lives in Ireland, what gives as numbers:
1 doctor for 281 potential patients.
1 GP for 1800 potential patients.
These are not bad numbers but it could be better. Although doctors in Ireland not earn badly, there is still many countries where they can earn more. And because Irish doctors speak English it is very easy for them to take a job in England, United States or Australia.
Emigration of Irish doctors causes the demand for doctors, and it's gladly used by doctors qualified outside Ireland (according to MWIR roughly 35% of doctors in Ireland).
How do Irish patients evaluate the work of doctors? What do they think about people from specified specialzation or particular doctor?
This is just one of the objectives of the Doctors2go.ie portal to answer these questions.

* Above statistics are from 2012
** To write an article we used some of the data contained under the link: http://www.irishexaminer.com/ireland/7-of-registered-doctors-did-not-practise-last-year-237973.html

Doctors in Ireland

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