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  • The doctor was recommended to me few years ago by my close friend who always praised his skills. I was very impressed with service and attention. The treatment I have received over few years has been of an excellent...

  • Good and kind doctor, highly recommended

  • Seriously would be blind if not for Dr. Roche :)

  • Great specialist. I am dr der patient since many years and i can't say single bad word about diagnosis or treatment.

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    There is around 16 000 doctors in Ireland, and among them there is around 2500 GPs. At least Medical Workforce Intelligence Report (MWIR) gives us above numbers.
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    Please check the doctor's test account containing all possible features which are offered by our portal. Many doctors who are contacting us want...
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    DOCTORS2GO is a unique portal for the medical services market in Ireland. The portalis designed by a team of programmers, graphic designers and marketers so that it is user friendly...

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